Kanha National Park


Kanha National Forest

Kanha is most famous tiger reserve of India. The reason behind is the Mogli, The main character of the book ‘The jungle book’ written by Rudyard Kipling. But its not just famous for only that reason, but there are many other facts which converts it to most named national park of India in between Foreigners as well as Indian tourists. We will go through all the facts in this article.

  1. Fauna of Kanha ( Animal of Kanha Tiger reserve) – Kanha tiger reserve is has many types of species. leapords, wild dogs, foxes and jackels, wild cats, deers, the main subspecies of deer which is found in kanha is swamp deer, hard ground barahsinga which is only found here in India. an other type of swamp deer resides in Sundarbans but they are big in size. Other species of kanha are spotted deer, sambhar, barking deer, foar horned antilope, Indian gaurs and recently discovered mouse deer, blackbuck, Indian wolf, stripped hyna and many other species found here. Am I forgot something? Oops.. how can I forget to introduce the most famous species of kanha  – Tiger. Kanha tiger is the main species of kanha national park. 90% of tourists come here to see kanha tigers. The main reason is, in comparison to other indian national parks tiger can be spotted here easily.
  2. Flora of Kanha – The main species of  plants is Sal (Shorea robusta). Other species are Indian ghost tree (Davidia involucrata), and more than 1000 flower plants. Kanha park region is abounds with meadows or maidans with full of grass the main food for survival of deers, and also dense forests. But there are many villages resides the boundary of national park. And its the deadly deal with the villagers and tiger

Kanha National park is located in the indian state Madhya-Pradesh the heart of India. Its divided into two sanctuaries, Named Hallon and Banjar. The core area is Square 940km. Tarrain is full of Sal and Bamboo.

There are three gates of kanha

  1. Kisli – Best gate and accessed from Jabalpur easliy. Most of the resorts and hotels are located here.
  2. Mukki
  3. Serai

Safari Timing and booking

You can book online safari from the website – https://forest.mponline.gov.in/Index.aspx

Optionally you can contact with any local hotel or resort listed on our website to book your safari in advance. They will manage your safari booking with nominal extra charge when you plan to stay in their hotel or resort.

  • Morning visiting hours: 6:30 am to 11:00 am
  • Evening visiting hours: 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm

Per Jeep 6 tourists are allowed and per canter 12 tourists allowed.

Important Documents and information to carry for safari:

  • Full Name of every visitor
  • Age & Gender
  • Nationality
  • Identity proof details like Passport, Driving License, PAN Card or Voter ID Card. Visitor is required to carry the same ID proof in original at the time of visiting the national park.

At Kanha afternoon Jeep Safari is closed every Wednesday.

Best season to Visit 

Kanha tiger reserve is open all time for tourists  except 1 july to 15 October.During this period Kanha is closed for breading.

But the best time is February to June.

How to Reach Kanha National forest

The nearest airport is Jabalpur airport. Distance from the airport is 175KM which will take approx 4:30 hrs. There are direct flights from Mumbai, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Delhi, Pune and other Indian Cities You can checkout best available flights here.
If you want to reach here by train than the nearest railway stations are Jabalpur (166KM-3 to 4 hrs) and Mandla (35KM-1 to 1.5 hrs) Railway stations.

From Mandla or Jabalpur You can hire Taxi or similar vehicle to reach Kanha. There are many local taxi and private vehicle services online which you can book in advance. As well as you can spot book the vehicle after reaching the Airport or railway station. There are many taxies wait for tourists. But you have to burgain before ride. They always want some more money from tourists.

Where to Stay in Kanha

There are many hotels and resorts where you can stay. Some are following.

You can also search our website for best hotels to stay in Kanha.

Budget Hotels in Kanha


Exclusive Resorts in Kanha


You can also book Kanha Tour packages with us. The advantage of booking a tour package that you can enjoy your trip without any hassle because we can take care of you and your needs through-out the tour.

Things to carry

During winter season you have to carry warm cloths, mufflers etc. Sungalsses, Cold cream lotion etc,and remember bright color can disturb animals so only carry light color cloths with you. You can enjoy the forest spotting if you have binoculars and camera with you.

What people say.
Kanha is great
Neha S

I can't forget that experience when I saw tiger in front of me during the safari and it is only possible in Kanha.

Nice Information about Kanha National Park
Pawan Dasgupta

The information provided here is very useful among the tourists, specially for those who want to travel without package. All the information such as hotels, nearest airport, other transport information are great. Thanks

Amazing experience

As a photographer, I am fond of travelling specially wildlife. For photographers kanha is the must visit place. There are plenty of things which you could capture in your cam. Yes some resorts are very costly but if you could search online you stay in affordable range. This Article is great. Hotels listed here are in affordable range. If you are planning to visit kanha national park than you can choose from them.

Very useful

Kanha is a very famous national park. The percentage of Tiger sighting is much more than other forests. Good information about kanha for individual tourists but group tours I only prefer packages. Also I want some information about Achanakmar Wildlife sanctuary if they provide. Anyways nice article.

Thinking to visit kanha

I am thinking to visit kanha. Found useful information here. Thanks for this article

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